Our Vision
To establish a Centre of Excellence in which young people will be able to access all the support and services they need to become well-balanced, independent young adults.
Prodigal Love seeks to achieve this by:
• Positively impacting the lives of disaffected, vulnerable 15 to 25 yrs olds, (and/or offenders) and who are at risk of homelessness and/or offending.

• Positively impacting the attitudes/public perception of youth.

• Working towards forming partnerships with the best in every area to provide an excellent service for young people.

• Working towards making public services youth “friendly”.

• Working to reduce youth crime; youth homelessness and the percentage of disaffected young people.
Our Specific Aims to realise our vision is two-fold:
• To provide temporary, suitable, supported family environment for “hard to place” young people/offenders to live.

• To be an environment in which young people are able to learn from their mistakes.

• To provide support with independent living skills.

• To provide a safe place for young people to call “home”, and for that home to be one that models positive morals, values and boundaries for young people.

• Providing intervention for young people identified as being at risk of offending/re-offending upon release from custody prior to their release date – followed through to the community.

• To provide support in pursuing education training and employment.

• Family support & mediation (where possible) as a preventative measure for offending/re-offending and homelessness.

• To provide emergency supported accommodation for hard to place young people/offenders.
Community: To establish a Centre of Excellence in which young people will be able to access:

  • Education, Training and Employment advice and support
  • Apprenticeships
  • Housing advice
  • Mentoring service
  • Counselling service
  • Sexual Health advice
  • Family mediation service
  • Parenting support service
  • Advocacy service
  • Substance misuse advice & support
  • Youth club facilities
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